Victory House

  • Akron, CO
  • 13 Assisted Living Units
  • 5,400 s.f.
  • $600,000

13 Assisted Living units and support spaces were added to the services of the adjacent Washington County Nursing Home.  HUD financing required FHA design guidelines to be met.

The residential neighborhood setting and small site provided design challenges, while the mature trees to the East offered opportunities for creating quality outdoor space.

The adjacent craftsman homes of the neighborhood provide design inspiration for creating a home environment that fit well within the community.  The building is set to the West of the site, saving the mature pine trees and creating a shaded outdoor space.  A front porch wraps the building at the corner, forming a comfortable and normalized setting.  A living room and library each include a cozy fireplace for different kinds of resident interaction.  A well-crafted built-in window seat at the east stair landing allows residents a resting place looking out into the pine trees.

a Medulla Creation