Senior Cooperative

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Housing Cooperative
  • 9,000 s.f.
  • $1.5 million estimate


An innovative pilot study was created to provide progressive, market-responsive settings for
mid-upper income active seniors. The market study suggested the creation of small homes with private and shared outdoor space, including commons facilities and quarters for student assistants to live and provide maintenance, housecleaning and security services.


An urban residential site in proximity to restaurants and shops was selected as best serving this


A street-edge building houses common event/dining, office and conference space with assistant
studios above and creates a secure, private and quiet courtyard beyond. 1,000 s.f. homes wrap the courtyard. The homes have large, open, vaulted living and kitchen space with stone fireplaces and hardwood floors. Bedroom and bathroom flow as a private suite with a fireplace as well. Each unit has its own small private yard, with fountain, reflecting pool, fruit trees or garden.

a Medulla Creation