Boulder Jewish Elder Housing

  • Boulder, CO


62 senior independent loft-like units in a new-urbanist community setting were desired to meet the needs of the coming wave of RUPPIES. Units range from 850 s.f. small studios to 2 and 3 bedroom units of 1,500 square feet. A central commons building with community and public functions is included.


This project will sit adjacent to a new Jewish Community Center and two new synagogues, integrating opportunities for meaningful connections and activities. The site has sweeping views to the west and south of the Boulder Faltirons. The broad intent was to create an overall unified community.


Although connected throughout on the ground level by pedestrian links, the building is composed as a collection of smaller-scaled buildings to feel less like a large facility and more like a community. Portions of the buildings address the street with balconies, cafe and porches, while other building components create a more private back courtyard opening to the views to the Flatirons. A progressive design vocabulary appeals to the “new senior.” Units are designed throughout to support aging in-place.

a Medulla Creation