Concerto Consulting

Designing Purpose and Community into Supportive Living

Concerto Consulting brings over a quarter of a century of expertise and over 150 projects in senior and other specialized settings to assist clients, team members and partners in creating places for living and caring that enrich lives and embrace living and doing. 

We begin early in the concept phase, engaging the latest research and creative thinking, and in a workshop process, to help our clients collectively envision new approaches, models and collaborations. Many of these may include partnering with community or other developers. Some of these may include assisting a design team. All of these are unique and custom fit to the specific place, residents, program and client.

We are guided and inspired by 3 principal goals for all our projects:

  1. Authentically and meaningfully engage and integrate with the broader comunity
  2.  Discover, reveal, embrace, enhance and celebrate opportunities for rich, purposeful, and fulfilling living, regardless of challenge or age
  3. Help make our clients projects well distinguished from their competitors

Our Projects Include:

  • New innovative campuses, models, buildings, and collaborations 
  • Existing campuses aspiring to improve or reposition 
  • CCRC’s, Senior Living and Care, settings for the neuro diverse, settings for those on the Autism Spectrum, Affordable housing, harm reduction settings.
  • Specific, detailed development challenges such as code, State approvals, licensing, accessibility, change in care level, or others.
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